The Best Pink Himalayan Salts For 2021

For those of you who have never used pink Himalayan salts, you should give this type of salts a try.  It is a naturally pink-colored salt that is harvested in Pakistan near the Himalayas.  When speaking with salt experts they believe that Himalayan salt is much healthier than the regular table salt that most people commonly use.  But what are the best pink Himalayan salts that you can purchase?  What benefits does it have?  And what should you look for when purchasing pink salt?

This guide will explore what the best pink Himalayan Salts are that you can purchase and use on your next recipes.

So, what is the best pink Himalayan Salts?  Pink salts that are hand mined and cleaned thoroughly and packed into easy-to-pour bags make for some of the best types of pink salts.  Look for the proper grain size that will easily pour from your current shakers or grinders.   Let’s take a look at the five best Himalayan salts we reviewed. 

Best Pink Himalian Guide

Best Pink Himalayan Salts Reviews


The Spice Lab Himalayan Salt

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Our number one choice for the best pink Himalayan Salts is Pure Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt.  This salt is great to use on anything you cook with.  From steak, soups, pasta, salads, vegetables, and more.  This type of salt has 84 trace elements and iron.  We love that this salt is approved for use on Paleo and Keto diets.

This is is pure and of the finest quality Himalayan salt that comes from deep inside the Himalayan Mountains.

This salt is:

  • Gluten-Free
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO

This salt is processed and packaged in the United States in a HACCP certified manufacturing facility.  This bag comes in 2.2 pounds of pure Himalayan pink crystal salt. 




SaltWorks Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Our runner up for the best pink Himalayan salt is SaltWorks Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt.  This is a fine grain salt that comes in a 5-pound bag.  You can use this type of salt to cook anything with and the size is very good for salt shakers.

You can also use this salt for salt baths as it dissolves quickly. 

We love this salt because it is Kosher certified and organic compliant all-natural and allergen and cruelty-free. 

This gorgeous pink salt is high in minerals.  It is hand-mined in ancient sea beds.




Sherpa Pink Gourmet Himalayan Salt

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Sherpa Pink Gourmet Himalayan Salt is an excellent pink salt that can be used in any cooking application.  Its fine grain makes it easy to use with your current salt shakers and it will absorb into foods and liquid quicker than large grain salts.

Like most other reputable pink salt manufacturers this salt is 100 percent natural pink and certified.   Kosher certified, and Non-GMO.  It does not contain dairy, anti-caking agents, MSG, or soy.

Easily add flavor to eggs, steak, potatoes, soups, or any other foods you whip in your kitchen.  Pink salt is even great on certain types of fruits for a sweet and salty flavor. 




SaltWorks Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

The SaltWorks Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salts are a great fine grain salt that has been prized by many for their color and excellent mineral content and flavors.   This salt goes through an optically cleaned process using proprietary air-jet technology that produces some of the cleanest Himalayan pink salt on the market. 

The size of the grains is excellent for all types of cooking including seasoning food after it’s done.  This salt has a very convenient pour spout pouch that makes it easy to pour and measure out the perfect amount of salt you need.  This makes filling salt shakers, grinders, and other smallholding containers just easy.




Wild Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Grain

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

The Wild Himalayan Pink Salt is a fine grain salt that can be used in a lot of different applications.  From cooking your favorite foods to bathing.  This salt is an excellent pink color with over 80 plus minerals.

This particular salt is produced as close as possible to the farm level to simplify the supply chain.  

Unlike your regular table salt which has a lot of chloride and sodium wild pink salts from the Himalayan are natural and comes directly from the earth.

The best Himalayan pink salts have a smooth flavor that’s even more appealing than sea salts.  They can easily enhance all your recipes. 



Best Himalayan Pink Salt Buying Guide

Best Pink Himalayan Salts

What is pink Himalayan salt?

Pink Himalayan Salt is a particular type of rock salt that is found in Pakistan in the regions of Punjab near the Himalayan mountains.   It is known for its pinkish colors that it gets for mineral impurities. 

It is used for many things but some of the most popular reasons pink Himalayan salts are used is for cooking and food prep and also spa treatments.

Himalayan salts get mined in most cases by hand from the Khewra Salt mines in Pakistan which is one of the oldest mines in Pakistan.

Himalayan salt is said to be much purer than table salt because it has not been processed as much as table salt.  Pink salts are free of additives and are unrefined. 

Pink Himalayan salts also have many trace elements and minerals that regular table salts do not have.  It is said that pink salts may contain up to 84 different trace minerals and elements.

Health benefits of pink Himalayan salt?

In terms of salt pink Himalayan salts are some of the purest and contain trace minerals.  Sodium is one of those essential trace minerals that are found in salts.  These minerals can help with:

  • Preventing dehydration
  • Preventing low blood pressure
  • Relaxing muscles 

Mineral Content

When researching pink Himalayan salt you will hear a lot about the mineral content.  Sources will say there are up to 80 different trace minerals. 

But it is important to understand that salt is made up of 98 percent sodium chloride. so really you are looking at roughly 2 percent of trace minerals.  But again you typically eat a small amount of the salt so that number is much lower. 

Is Himalayan Salt more natural than table salt?  

We think so after doing research on this.  Simply because table salt is typically refined heavily and mixed with anti-caking agents so it doesn’t bunch up.  For the most part, Himalayan pink salts have much less artificial additives. 

Is pink Himalayan salt better than sea salt?

Sea salts and Himalayan Pink Salt are different.  Sea salt is created when evaporation of ocean water or even saltwater lakes takes place.   Sea salts, like Himalayan salts, get very minimal processing done to it. Just like Pink salts, sea salts allow for trace minerals to be preserved. 

Studies have shown that sea salts have about 72 particles of minerals while Pink Himalayan salts have 84 essential trace elements.  Because of this, we believe Pink Himalayan salts rank higher. 

Why is Pink Himalayan Salts pink?

If you have wondered what makes Himalayan salt pink you are not alone.  This is because the salt has trace minerals that are found within the salt.  It is the iron that adds the pink color to the salt.   

Now I m have been using pink Himalayan salts for a long time now and I have tried my fair share.  From red to a light whitish pink and just because the salt is a deeper red does not mean it’s better.  I prefer to have a lighter rose pink color that is mixed with whites and light pinks. 

I just think the flavor is smoother and better.  But that’s just my opinion after using pink salts for some time. 

What to look for when choosing the best Himalayan pink salt?

There are things to look for when purchasing your salt.  Below we will touch on some important things to look at before purchasing.

How is the salt packaged?

When we talk about how the salt is packaged we are referring to what the salt is around when it’s been packaged.  Other food items?  Does it share equipment with these other foods?  Always read the labels to see if the salt is being packed in a facility that uses the equipment that could cause food allergy.  

Use a company you can trust

Try and read about the company your purchasing the salt from.  Go to their websites and see where they get their salt from, how they mine it, and how they package it.

Our final thoughts on choosing the best Himalayan pink salts

For those of you that cook and really have a passion for cooking you don’t skimp out on quality when you don’t have to.  You try and cover all your bases down to the smallest details. 

Salt is no exception.  We believe that the right Himalayan pink salts make your foods taste better.  Purchasing the best pink salts is not difficult.  We hope we have shed enough light on what to look for when you are going to purchase your next pink salt.

What is our overall choice for the best Himalayan Salt?

We have been using pink salts for a long time and after revering the top five salts we feel that the Spice land Himalayan Salt has what it takes to make it our overall choice.

This salt comes from deep inside the Himalayan mountains and is gluten-free, kosher, and Non-GMO.  We hope we have shed light and Himalayan salts so you can make the best possible choice.

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