What Does Kale Taste Like?

what does kale taste like

If you have never tried kale don’t be intimidated by this leafy green.  Learn why eating kale is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body when it comes to eating vegetables.  We will explore what kale is what does kale taste like, and the health benefits of eating this green superfood.  … Read more

What Do Mussels Taste Like? (Are They Good?)

What do mussels taste like

Mussels are one of those seafood items that so many people don’t try because they are skeptical about trying them.  A lot of people are afraid of the safety of eating raw seafood and because of this they never get to experience the taste of something new.  A lot of us ask what do mussels … Read more

What Does Elderberry Taste Like? (Is It good?)

What does elderberry taste like

Elderberry is a genus of flowering plants and a delicious and wonderful fruit with an abundance of natural healing antioxidants. Elderberry fruit has been used for making jellies, jams, juice, teas, and even as medicine, among other things, for many years. They are a dark purple fruit, and they come from a bush called the … Read more

What Does Guava Taste Like? (Delicious, Nutritious Super Fruit)

What does guava taste like

The next time you see guavas in your supermarket, grab them. This delicious tropical fruit is packed with vitamins and nutrients and is also low in sugar and calories. It’s the perfect snack for anyone who’s diabetic, on a diet, or just craving something that’s sweet, refreshing, and crunchy. If have ever wondered what does … Read more

What Does Yuca Taste Like? (Does It Taste Good?)

What does Yuca taste like

Yuca, pronounced YOO-ka, comes from the root of the Cassava plant.  You probably have seen yuca in your local grocery store and may have asked what are those and what does yuca taste like?  Yuca is about the same size as a sweet potato put maybe a little longer in length.   They have a brown … Read more