The Best Pink Himalayan Salts For 2021

best pink Himalayan salts

For those of you who have never used pink Himalayan salts, you should give this type of salts a try.  It is a naturally pink-colored salt that is harvested in Pakistan near the Himalayas.  When speaking with salt experts they believe that Himalayan salt is much healthier than the regular table salt that most people … Read more

Baking Powder Substitutes (Top Substitutes You Should Know)

Baking Powder Substitutes

Baking powder is one of the most common ingredients that are used in baking goods to add volume and make the texture of the baked goods lighter. But what if you don’t have baking powder on hand are there baking powder substitutes? Yes, there are substitutes for baking powder.  This guide will explain the best … Read more

Best Kitchen Tongs ( 2021 Review)

Best Kitchen tongs

Having a great pair of kitchen tongs will help make everyday cooking easier.  But what are the best kitchen tongs?  What should you look for?  We will answer those questions a lot more so you can make the best decision when purchasing your next kitchen tongs.  Regardless if you already own kitchen tongs or you … Read more

Best Oranges For Juicing (Top 5 Best Oranges)

best Oranges for juicing

When it comes to juicing oranges are one of the best fruits you can use to juice.  Because oranges are available all year and because of how much they cost they are considered a top choice for juicing.    Adults and kids alike love oranges and juicing them is one of the best ways to … Read more

Can You Put Tinfoil In An Air Fryer

Can you put tinfoil in an Air Fryer

Can you put tinfoil in an air fryer?  This is a popular question that gets asked a lot.  The simple answer to this question is yes.  But there are things you should know before using tinfoil. Air fryers are becoming very popular because they can cook many different foods quickly and more healthy than traditional … Read more