Best Oranges For Juicing (Top 5 Best Oranges)

When it comes to juicing oranges are one of the best fruits you can use to juice.  Because oranges are available all year and because of how much they cost they are considered a top choice for juicing.   

Adults and kids alike love oranges and juicing them is one of the best ways to consume these tasty fruits.  We have also reviewed the best manual juicers to see what gets the most juice out of those oranges.

But what are the best oranges for juicing?  We put together a list of the best oranges you can juice for a healthy tasted drink.

  • This guide will explore the best oranges for juicing and what you can expect from each type of orange.  
  • Learn what methods are used to juice oranges, health benefits, and find out what the best juicers are to achieve this.
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1. Navel Oranges

Best Oranges For Juicing

These are one of the best oranges for juicing because they are sweet, larger inside, and seedless.  Navel oranges are good anti-inflammatory food that helps fight against arthritis, heart disease, and inflammation. 

This plant is native to South East Asia from southern China.

Better Skin

Navel oranges can be good for your skin and help in protecting against pollution and sun damage.  They are also known to help with wrinkles and the overall texture of your skin. 

2. Valencia oranges

Best Oranges For Juicing

The Valencia orange is sweet and another top choice for anyone wanting to juice an orange.  origin of this orange is from Santa Ana, California in the United States.  This orange is the primary fruit in processing orange juice. 

Did you know this orange does have seeds and can range from zero to 9 per fruit?  Because it has excellent color and tastes it is sought after for juicing and eating slices fright from the fruit. 

3. Blood Orange

Blood Orange

The blood orange is a variety of orange that is a citrus x Sinensis.  It is called the blood orange because of its almost blood-colored flesh. 

4. Clementine Oranges

Clementine oranges

The clementine is another popular orange for juicing.  It is a hybrid between the Willowleaf mandarin orange and sweet orange.  The clementine can be separated once peeled into 7 to 14 segments.  

They tend to peel very easily and have a sweet but less acidy flavor than oranges.

These types of oranges are the smallest in the orange varieties and typically are seedless.  Because of this children love to eat them.  Easy to peel and sweet and juicy.  

One downside to juicing clementines is their smaller sides and they are not as juicy as some of the other oranges above.

5. Tangelo

Best oranges for juicing

This type of orange is a combo of pomelo and mandarin orange.  Generally, this orange is juicy and sweet.  The size of this orange can also vary greatly.  It can be small to very large.

Adults and kids find these types of orange easy to eat because of the easy-to-peel skin.

You may have heard of a variety of Tangelo by another name.  The two most popular varieties are:

Honeybell & Orlando

Tips for juicing oranges

If you have never juiced an orange and experienced fresh-squeezed juice you are missing out on not only awesome tasting juice but a ton of vitamins and important minerals juice provides.   So how do you juice an orange?

Juicing by hand

First:  Roll the orange firmly with your palm on a cutting board, counter, or table to loosen up the pulp so juicing happens more freely.  

Second:  Cut the orange in half and then remove the seeds with a spoon. 

Third: Using a hand juicer spin the half of the orange on a juicer to get the juice out.

Fourth:  Drink up!

Automatic Juicer

If you have an automatic juicer you can do the following:

First:  Prep the oranges by peeling them and then quarter the oranges into sections.

Second: Drop the orange pieces through the feed tube of the electric juicer. 

Third:  Drink up! 

Tips for juicing oranges

  • Don't forget about the peels.  Peels also contain a ton of antioxidants and nutrients.  Start out with just a few peels.
  • If you have a juicer you can add oranges to other veggies for a sweeter drink.

Health benefits of juicing fresh oranges

There are no surprises about the health benefits of drinking or eating oranges.  Below are some of the amazing health benefits of orange and juice. 

Top Citris Juicers

Below are some of the more popular juicers.  Both manual and electric.  They are some of our favorites.  My list from Amazon.

Finding the right juicer will help you make delicious fresh-squeezed orange juice easier and quicker.  The above juicers all perform extremely well and are perfect for juicing. 

Knowing what the best oranges for juicing are will make you more confident to try your hand at juicing.  The good part is you can always mix these types of oranges to get the taste you like or if you are short on one type of orange you can always move to the next type now that you know.

We hope this article serves you well and explained what oranges to juice, how to juice them, and what benefits you can get out of juicing oranges. 

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  1. Valencias are the best–hands down. A good mix is with tangelos. I’ve owned the high end juicers that require a lot of clean up, multiple items that need dis-assembled, washed and clean up. The best juicer is from Zulay. It juices the maximum from the fruit and is easily cleanable. With Zulay you half the oranges and the squeezer does all of the work. No seeds, minimum pulp. It works well for grapefruit as well. Clean up? Less than two minutes. The flavor… try it you’ll like it!!!

    • Hello! We have not tried Valencias mixed with Tangelos. We will try this. We have a review up on the best manual juicers and Zulay was our number one pick! Thanks for the excellent tips.

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