Best Kitchen Torches (Top 8 Reviewed For 2021)

Kitchen torches are one of those bakeware tools that come in handy for a multitude of different applications when you are cooking.  To caramelizing sugar for your creme brulee.  To get that golden brown look on your meringue.  The best kitchen torches easily complete those jobs and more.

Working with an open flame can be dangerous so using a top kitchen torch will make things much safer and easier to use.  So let’s take a look at some of the best kitchen torches you should have in your kitchen.

Best kitchen torch product reviews

Looking for the best kitchen torches?  You have come to the right place we have reviewed some of the best so you can easily make a more informed decision.  let’s get started.

1. Rösle Crème Brulee Butane Kitchen Torch

This kitchen touch comes in as our best kitchen torch of the bunch.  Not only is it good looking with white and silver but it reaches a temperature of 2372 degrees that is perfect for creme brulee or pepper roasting.

We love that you can have an adjustable gas dial that will regulate the flame size and it has a child-resistant safety switch.

It operates on a .04 Qt gas reservoir that gives it up to 60 minutes of continuous flame.  Made from premium 18/10 stainless steelf construction that has the ability to resist corrosion and heat damage. This will make a perfect kitchen torch for almost any application that you would need a tourch.

Rösle Crème Brulee Butane Kitchen Torch

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)



2. BonJour Chef’s Tools Butane Kitchen Torch

The BonJour butane kitchen torch ranks at the top of our list because of die-cast aluminum components and its extra-long nozzle with an anti-flare flame that gives you an excellent feel and flame.

It is 12 ounces and has a product dimension of 4.5 x 2.17 x 6.3 inches.  It is super comfortable to hold and makes restaurant quality desserts at home like creme brulee and more for browning meringue and melting cheese. 

BonJour Chef’s Tools Butane Kitchen Torch

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)



3. Sondiko Butane Kitchen Torch

This is a great kitchen torch that will allow you to operate a flame in the kitchen safe.  We like the safety lock that prevents ignition accidental.  We also love that you can refill this kitchen torch with any butane gas.  

The long-ranged nozzle and the burn-free guard will help keep your fingers and hands away from the flame for safe use.  This kitchen torch is also made from aluminum allow for a long-lasting tool that you’ll love in the kitchen. 

Sondiko Butane Kitchen Torch

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)



4. EurKitchen Butane Culinary Kitchen Torch

This makes our list as one of the best kitchen torches on our list.  You will be able to melt sugar, cheese, and roast peppers with ease.  The comfort finger guard protects your fingers for the extreme heat and burns.  

This multi-use tool can light fires, cigars, bbq grills, sear meat, and much more can be done with this kitchen torch.  You can adjust the flame and also can have a continuous flame.  With its sturdy base, it adds extra safety while not in use.

EurKitchen Butane Culinary Kitchen Torch

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)



5. TBTEEK Butane Kitchen Torch

The TBTEEK kitchen torch is an excellent kitchen tool that safely helps you have a controlled flake in your kitchen.  Easily melt sugars, cheeses, and sear all types of foods and desserts.

This butane torch allows for easy handling and has a continuous flame mode.  When you need to refill the butane tank you can only use long nozzles.    

It has a max 1371 °C/2500 °F) which is perfect for caramelizing and roasted peppers with ease. 

TBTEEK Butane Kitchen Torch

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)



6. Cadrim Butane Kitchen Torch

This is a great kitchen torch that allows for double flames that can be adjusted to a double or single fire as needed.  This flame gets to a hot 1150℃/2102℉.

The ignition lock will keep the flame ignited.  Don’t worry because there is a security lock design that will prevent ignition accidentally and with its wide base it helps the kitchen torch from falling over.

It also has a capacity of 4g butane gas.  This does not include the butane gas tanks and will need to be purchased separately. 

Cadrim Butane Kitchen Torch

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)



7. Blow Torch Professional Kitchen torch

Another solid choice when it comes to a kitchen torch  This professional-style kitchen torch gets temperatures of 2370°F/1300°C with a blue flame.  perfect for melting cheese, roasting vegetables, caramelizing sugars, and more right from your kitchen.

We love the gas flow regulator dial this device has that can easily adjust the flames.  Also when not in use it has a security lock for safety. 

You can use any brand of butane to refill this and the flame can be in continuous mode for up to 6 inches long.

Cadrim Butane Kitchen Torch

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)



8. ZEBRE Butane Kitchen Torch

This makes our list as one of the best kitchen torches because of its unique one-handed design that allows you to operate it safely with just one hand.  

It has a very small and portable design that can be stored or brought with you anywhere.   With its wide base it will not tip over easily and it has a long nozzle and finger guard that helps with not allowing your fingers to get burned.

It can be filled with any butane gas with a long-nozzle gas cylinder.  The cylinder is not included so you will need to purchase that separate. 

ZEBRE Butane Kitchen Torch

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)



Best kitchen torch buying guide

Best Kitchen Torches

Having a kitchen torch in your kitchen may not be something you use every day but there will be times you wish you had one.  From melting cheese to sugar this is a kitchen tool you should have.  Below are some things you should look for when purchasing a great kitchen torch.  Let’s explore more. 

What is your torch made out of?

You will want to make sure your touch lasts as long as possible and is made from materials that will not rust or fail.  Stainless steel parts are common along for long-lasting use of your kitchen torch. 

Safety features of your kitchen torch

Best Kitchen torches

A good torch will have a longer nozzle and finger or handguards in place so you can protect your skin.  You will also want a nice wide base at the bottom so your kitchen touch can stand upright with no issues falling when not in use. 

An important feature is the safety lock that prevents the ignition button for activating and starting the fire.  


There are a lot of complaints about the refilling of kitchen torches.  Even some of the best ones have filling issues.   Having the feature of a fuel gauge windows that allow you to see when you are running low on fuel is especially nice.  This will allow you to not get caught off guard when you really need to use your torch.

Some torches have a larger capacity before the filling is needed.  For the standard home cook, a regular-sized capacity should be enough.  If you plan on using your kitchen torch more then you wither want to find a larger capacity tank or have more than one canister available when one goes out. 

Design and hanle

The design of a kitchen torch is similar.  Be sure to follow basic guidelines when using an open flame.  Regardless of the design be sure your hands are clean and dry before using the torch to ensure you don’t slip.  If your kitchen torch is on continuous mode when a torch falls it can burn you or someone around you.  Not to mention start a fire.  

What is our overall choice for the best kitchen torches

The best kitchen torches can easily make caramelizing sugar, roasting veggies, and more with a simple hit of an open flame much easier than any other method.  Because of this, you will want to make sure you choose a kitchen torch that will be reliable and safe in the kitchen.    

Our top choice for the best kitchen torch is…

The Rosle Creme Brulee Butane Kitchen Torch is an excellent tool to have in your kitchen.  With an extremely hot flame and safeguards in place you will be sure to find it extremely useful when you need to caramelize or sear food.  It is easy to use and refill.  

5/5 (1 Review)
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